CURRENT NONA VERSION: 2.0 for Windows 95/NT/98.   Winclada DOES NOT SUPPORT older DOS versions of NONA.

Current WINCLADA revision: 0.9.99m24 (UPGRADED 31 MAR 2000):

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PLEASE READ THIS FOR NEW FEATURE DOCUMENTATION!: Winclada Revision History and bug reports....

Winclada was written by Kevin C. Nixon. Copyright 1999, All rights reserved.

Winclada combines the features and functions of the older (DOS) programs DADA and CLADOS into a single program.  CLADOS and DADA are no longer being distributed.   If you are a user of DADA/CLADOS, and you have a Windows 95/98 or Windows NT machine, you should migrate to Winclada.

Winclada is a Win32 program ... it will run on Intel machines running Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT ver. 4.0+....IT WILL NOT RUN ON WINDOWS 3.1.

Winclada is a SHAREWARE program.  IF you decide to use Winclada, YOU MUST send a check payable to Kevin Nixon for $50.00 to:

Winclada/Kevin C. Nixon
2210 Ellis Hollow Road
Ithaca, New York 14850

CITATION: Nixon, K. C. 1999. Winclada (BETA) ver. 0.9.9 PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR, ITHACA, NY. I have become weary of Clados generated trees being published without citation.  Please cite the program.

SHAREWARE POLICY: Winclada can be downloaded by anyone.  However, if you wish to use the program, you MUST pay for it within 30 days from the day you download it.  License rates: (Current licenses are valid for all versions up to and through version 1.9). New versions will be periodically posted; any new version numbered below 2.0 may be downloaded without additional payment.  This means you should check the website periodically to see if you have the latest version.

Basic single Winclada user: $50.00

Upgrades:  If you purchased a legal copy of DADA/CLADOS after January 1, 1998, you may upgrade to Winclada for $25.00 instead of $50.00

                If you purchased a legal copy of DADA/CLADOS after January 1, 1999, you may upgrade to Winclada WITHOUT CHARGE.  We have a list!

Course use:  To use Winclada in a course, there is a fee of $200.00 per semester/quarter.  Students do not need to have individual licenses, but should purchase individual licenses if they intend to continue to use Winclada after the course.   The course fee can be waived if funds are not available; you still MUST register that the program is being used.  This may be done through contact@cladistics.com.

Minimal documentation is provided to be downloaded with the program.  More complete documentation will be provided by email upon receipt of payment.  Registration also places the user on an email mailing list which will provide notification of new features, bugs, etc.  If desired, registered users may request that updates be emailed directly to them.

When you download the program (winclada.exe) you probably want to download sample data (*.ss) and tree (*.tre) files as well.

CURRENT VERSION: BETA 0.9.92, OCT 4, 1999.



Winclada is a full-featured menu and mouse driven windows program with WYSIWYG print capabilities.

1) Reads Hennig86, NONA, DADA, CLADOS, and most NEXUS format files that contain cladistic data matrices.

2) Allows the user to edit and manipulate data matrices, both morphological and molecular.

3) Displays, manipulates, and prints cladograms (phylogenetic trees).  Unlike CLADOS, trees are printed "exactly" as the appear on the screen, to any printer type that supports raster graphics.  Since Winclada prints through the windows interface, no special printer setup is required to print trees - any printer installed in Windows can be accessed.  All common laserjet printers are supported. Color printers such as inkjets also are fully supported.  The latest versions also have a print preview function that allows the user to position trees on a page.  Several tree styles are supported.

4) Winclada has the standard types of tree manipulation functions, such branch move and collapse, and recalculates tree lengths automatically under the currently selected optimization parameters (e.g., show only unambiguously supported nodes, fast optimization, slow optimization).  Character changes can be mapped as colored hashmarks and labeled both by character number or name and states.

5) Winclada can be set up to directly spawn the programs NONA, PIWE, and HENNIG86.   Nona is currently the fastest available program for parsimony analysis.  NONA is available by download from the WIlli Hennig Society Web site.